04 April 2012

Poem and short: When I Went to the Film by D H Lawrence

Many, Many thanks to Turner Classic Movies for producing this evocative short, which introduced me to the poetry of British novelist D. H Lawrence.

When I Went to the Film

When I went to the film and saw all the black-and-white feelings that nobody felt,
And heard the audience sighing and sobbing with all the emotions they none of them felt,
And saw them cuddling with rising passions they none of them for a moment felt,
And caught them moaning from close-up kisses, black-and-white kisses that could not be felt,
It was like being in heaven, which I am sure has a white atmosphere
Upon which shadows of people, pure personalities
Are cast in black and white, and move
In flat ecstasy, supremely unfelt
And heavenly.

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