17 May 2010

International Day Against Homophobia 2010

Today is the International Day Against Homophobia, celebrated in much of the world (...minus the US...). Some astounding things have happened today, from a peaceful rights gathering in Jamaica to the signing of Same-Sex Marriage law in Portugal.

For me however, the people of the moment are Steven Monjenza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga of Malawi, who are now under arrest and facing the possibility of 14 years in jail at hard labor for having a traditional marriage ceremony in their country. It is men, women and trangendered people living through situations like these that are almost beyond our imagining as we live in comfort that we need to remember on this day. And all throughout the year as well.

"If people or the world cannot give me the chance and freedom to continue living with him as my lover, then I am better off to die here in prison. Freedom without him is useless and meaningless." -- Tiwonge Chimbalanga