17 November 2008

"Scrum in the Hood"

I promise to post photos from Saturday's "Stop the H8" rally here in Baltimore very soon...but

Since my partner and I got hooked on Rugby thanks to watching the Wallabies, the All-Blacks, and the Tri-Nations tournament on Fox Sports, I can't resist pointing to this video and article about The Hyde Leadership Public Charter School in Washington DC, from the New York Times.

When the team starts the post-game singing of "Lift Every Voice and Sing," I get all choked up....
Aim High, boys!

Here's a link for those who wish to contribute to Hyde


tal said...


thanks for your post. I can't beleve how much this article has caught on and resonated with folks. "Lift every voice and sing" was added to our after the boys wanted to do the Haka from the New Zealand Allblacks. After explaining the culural signifigance of the Haka, it's Maroi roots and connection to the history of the indigenous people of New Zealand, I asked the kids what could we do that had a similar connection with our team. Not sure who suggested it but that next day "Lift every Voice" became part of our pregame ritual and has been every day since...

Keep in touch and if your interested in keeping up with Hyde Rugby we have an E newsletter with the latest news that comes out a few times a year. Let me know if you would like to be added. Take Care.

Tal Bayer
Hyde Rugby

Bernie said...

It's a great story.

tal said...

please excuse the spelling in my previous post.