22 January 2008

Meme-of-the-Month Club

ONLY because I love Ms Jones am I doing this! I'm not a chain mail/meme kind of person. But She Asked, and so I Answer....

January 2007
'007 News, Good and Bad
Positive spin:
Quranic Brothers: Keith Ellison and Thomas Jefferson

February 2007
Black Gay History Month for the NBA
Too much has been happening here in the past month for me to do much blogging, but I did want to sneak in a brief post to say....

April 2007
National Poetry Month: Theme and Variations
I know
I know...
long time -
no Blog

the weather has been
so warm and clear.

I will try
to do better

May 2007
You call yourself ...what?

I recently had the pleasure of teaching a workshop at Coppin State University, and one of the students in the class asked me a question.

June 2007
Dancin' Dancin' Dancin'!

I purposefully took a copy of writer Barbara Ehrenreich's new book, Dancing in the Streets, along when The Other Half and I went on a recent visit to Chicago, because I knew I would see its subject in action.

July 2007
Carrying On
I am very pleased to be part of this project.

August 2007
(Still) Brutal Imagination

I was going to blog about other things (like this week's buzz word 'infrastructure'), but then:

September 2007
Ciao Luciano!

A fond farewell to the Great Tenor (and hero to 'men of size' everywhere).

October 2007
Quote: Michael Palmer
As Octavio Paz notes, the poem is alive only when the reader opens the book; until then it is nothing, it is waiting in the dark.

November 2007
The Great Not-so-white North

Back from a whirlwind trip to Minneapolis, Minnesota. I guess if Garrison Keillor can come to Baltimore, I can go to Lake Woebegon!

December 2007
Poem: "Self-Portrait at Twenty Years" by Roberto BolaƱo

It's been a while since I've posted a poem, and thought I'd put this up, since the subject of translation has been one some friends and I have been discussing recently

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