17 May 2008

Double barreled reading series

This Sunday kicks off the "Two Heads: Collaborating with Ourselves" reading series at downtown Baltimore's Clayton Books. Co-host Rosemary Klein and myself will be featuring writers with 'day jobs' that seem to be in opposition to their literary lives. How do they reconcile their work life with the creative life? Does one influence the other? These are questions all of us who have to 'make the bacon' doing something that has little to nothing to do with who we are as artists (like Insurance Men Charles Ives and Wallace Stevens, or the numerous Doctor/Writers from William Carlos Williams and Ethan Canin to Rafael Campo, Peter Pereira and C Dale Young)

The readings will be held on the third Sunday of the month at 3 pm from May (5/19) to October (10/19) at Clayton Fine Books, 317 N. Charles Street, Baltimore.

We kick the series off this week with Christopher T. George, editor at the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and poet.


audiologo said...

Reggie, the Two Heads series looks interesting and I love the old movie poster. I do not remember that film, but now just want to see it because, well, how could I not?? Thanks for the quote about slowing down--such a challenge to remember, making work of worth, not just work of the moment.

Also, I really like your new portrait shot at the head of the blog page. Your thoughtful and intelligent consideration of whatever was caught in your gaze comes through, as well as your handsome profile--double barrel indeed!
Peace, audiologo

ReggieH said...

Aww....thank you Audio! I tell you, I'm suffering through this limited 'net access. You don't miss your broadband water till it's gone!:)