20 September 2007

Jena 6 Day

Having spent time in the Deep South/the Gulf Coast, I've seen the kind of locally accepted racial separation the Jena case exposes first hand. I've been in clubs where whites stood on one side of the room, blacks on the other, only meeting on the dance floor, for example. I've been to black areas nicknamed "Africa-town" (and it was not meant in a culturally positive, "We're celebrating our African-American Heritage" kind of way either). And all of us have tales to tell of disparate justice, of one form of sentencing for whites, another for blacks and browns. So I know this kind of place, know the story, I've seen it.

Its past time for this kind of madness to stop.

Thousands rallying to support 'Jena 6'

Tour buses lined roads into Jena, Louisiana, on Thursday as people from across the country came to the small town to show support for the "Jena 6" -- six black teens charged in the beating of a white classmate.

NAACP Information and Petition

Color of Change.org

Baltimore responds

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