01 September 2008

Juno in Juneau

My apologies to Barack, who says we should lay off, but I can't reisist......

1: I wish I could take credit for the title, but that's from the Other Half.

2: As Liberal, I know that if this story were coming from the Democratic side of the campaign, the reaction of the Right Wing would be apocolypic

3: As a Black person, I know deep in my bones, that if this story were coming from the Democratic side of the campaign, we would be inundated with a spate of "Crisis in the African American Community" stories tomorrow....just as I know there will not be any similar "Crisis in White America" stories coming out

Palin's unmarried daughter is pregnant

Besieged by blog rumors about her 17-year-old daughter, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin — named Friday as running mate of John McCain — released a statement Monday saying her daughter is pregnant and plans to marry the father. The governor and her husband, Todd, said their daughter Bristol plans to keep the baby.

I can say nothing better than what has been said by others:

'How about those family values? My problem here is not that a child is pregnant. It is that Sarah Palin wants to pass laws making abortion illegal EVEN IN THE EVENT OF THE RAPE OF HER OWN DAUGHTER. Yet the words "birth control" clearly have failed to make it into her own child's education. As someone with three daughters and a son, I find the hypocrisy breathtaking.Republicans claim they are for small government yet they always want to be in our bedrooms. Is it because they can't control their own?'


Bernie said...

I think it's important that everyone BUT Obama and Biden keep this story going for as long as possible.

However, I must note, Sarah Palin responded to a DIFFERENT rumor. She has not addressed the rumor that her teenage daughter was the mother of that 5 1/2 month old that Sarah *supposedly* gave birth to.

Henny Penny said...

I think the most egregious thing about this situation is Palin's willingness, nay, eagerness, to expose her daughter to the public scrutiny and criticism that is already well underway. What kind of mother does that to her child? Where are those sacred "family values?" For these sanctimonious conservatives, giving lip service to a raft of treacly cliches is more important than actually caring for the ones closest to you. She is making her daughter a poster child for her pro-life views. Sickening.

Barack was perfect in his response, the general above the fray. Now let schadenfreude reign in the ranks!

Lynne Heneson