18 August 2008

World's Fastest Island

Usain Bolt -- and the rest of the field -- at the Men's 100 Meters in the Birds Nest in Bejing

Shelly-Ann Fraser points the way to victory for the rest of the 100 meters women.

Congratulations Jamaica, Home of the Worlds Fastest Humans: Usain Bolt, winner of the 100 Meters with an unbelievable 9.69 seconds, and Shelly-Ann Fraser, Golden Girl of the women's 100. Jamaican women swept the event with Sherone Simpson and Kerron Stewart in a photo-finish tie for the Silver. Brava ladies!

Bolt's performance was even more impressive, particularly since he basically *STOPPED RUNNING* a few meters from the finish line! (See for yourself here, Microsoft Silverlight download -- and commercial, unfortunately -- required). He could have easily set the World Record at 9.5-something, but as he said afterward, "I don't care about the World Record, I just wanted to win." (Spoken like a true 20-year old track diva!).

"Normally the premiere race of every Games, the men's 100 final received scant domestic publicity despite it's historic, thrilling result" -- I'm glad Someone Else picked up on this as well.

Brace yourself for an amazing 200 meter race later this week!

All it takes to win: "Lightning" Bolt, Jamaican flag, gold track shoes.

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