05 April 2012

Sonia Sanchez - "In Memory of Elizabeth Catlett"

“I want the ordinary person to be able to relate to what I am doing...Working figuratively is the dues I must, want and am privileged to pay so that ordinary people can relate to my work and not get lost trying to figure out what it means.” -- Elizabeth Catlett (1915-2012) 

The great Sonia Sanchez posted this on her website in honor of this wonderful artist 
(For those in the DC area the Washington Post lists locations where her art can be found in her hometown)

Elizabeth Catlett
My Right is a future of equality with other Americans,
 Color Linocut, 1947
6 haiku
(for Elizabeth Catlett

in Cuernavaca)
La Señora
making us remember
flesh and wind
O how you
help us catch
each other’s breath
a woman’s
arms climbing with
colored dreams
slides into the pool
hands kissing the water

i pick
up your breath and
remember me
your hands
humming hurricanes
of beauty.

from Morning Haiku (Beacon Press, 2010)

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