18 August 2008

Guest Post: "Sometimes the best stories have no easy endings."

I have a guest post over at the Maryland Humanities Council website, blogging about Cedric Jennings, main character of this year's 'One Maryland One Book' choice, A Hope in the Unseen

A Hope in the Unseen covers Jennings’ transition from Washington DC’s Ballou Senior High School to Brown University, a riveting, hope-filled account of his journey from the ghetto to the Ivy League. If the book were a novel or a film or made-for-cable movie, Jennings’ next move would have been to Wall Street, financial success, and a large happy family living in a house in the suburbs.

As the (Washington) Post reveals, the real story did not turn out that way. Cedric Jennings returned to the Washington area, and now works as a case manager for DC Child and Family Services. He is a success, he has “gotten out” — he just doesn’t fit the expected model of success.

Read the rest here.

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