28 September 2007

PS: In case you were wondering....

...why some black and other people distrust 'the gay movement' (and that includes many of us who are LGBTQ), this response by James Kirchick to the Human Rights Campaign's support of the Jena 6 should clarify things a bit:

It is regrettable that an organization purporting to represent the interests of gay people would defend violent hooligans as an act of obeisance to the “civil rights community.” Whether or not the saga of Jena, La., speaks to the racial disparities in our country’s justice system, it is most certainly not a civil rights struggle akin to the Stonewall uprising or the Selma marches. The moral standing of the people involved in those historic events was absolute; the gay men at the Stonewall Inn and the marchers at Selma were violently set upon by police merely for peacefully assembling. The Jena 6 ganged up on a kid and sent him to the hospital. There is no good reason why gays should be party to this shameless display of historical ignorance and exaggerated grievance.

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John K said...

Someone made a similar argument on Outsports, and another person claimed the "Jena 6's" attack was not related to the noose attack, which in any case was just an ofay prank (look away, now), just an act by violent, lawless young Negroes. You know how that goes!